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  • Capturing Costs & Containing the Bill: Make Decisions That Will Help Keep Your Legal Expenses Manageable

    By Mark A. Chinn Most lawyers become lawyers because they like to help people. They care very much that their life’s work is viewed as a service to people and to the betterment of the community and nation. For that reason, many lawyers are somewhat embarrassed to bring up the subject of fees. But lawyers know that clients need to know the basis for the charges they are about to incur. So, if your ...
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  • Divorce in NC: The Process & Cost

    Going through a divorce can be a stressful and complicated experience. Regardless of the length of your marriage, a divorce judgment has numerous legal implications. Speaking with a North Carolina attorney when considering a divorce will help you understand the divorce process, the cost of divorce, the potential pitfalls, and the legal effect of obtaining a divorce. Every divorce is as unique as ...
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