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  • Understanding Post-Separation Support

    It costs more to run two households than it does to run one. It stands to reason that a dependent spouse may have problems making ends meet while going through the process of divorce . “Post-separation support” (temporary alimony) is a form of spousal support meant to bridge the gap between the time when one first separates from his or her spouse and obtaining long-term spousal support, called ...
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  • How Do I Change My Name After A Divorce?

    While changing your name after a divorce might seem like the last of your concerns, you may choose to do so, as it can help bring closure. If you’ve asked yourself: “ How do I change my name after my divorce? ” there is no need to worry. It may seem complicated, but actually the process is fairly straightforward. You may petition to change your name at the time of divorce in conjunction with the ...
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  • How Do I File For a Divorce in North Carolina?

    Let’s assume for a moment that you’ve met the minimum requirements for filing for divorce in North Carolina. You’ve been a resident of the state for 6 months and have lived apart from your spouse for at least one full year prior to the day that you file for divorce. At this point, you may be asking yourself… What do I do now? The process of divorce can be trying, even under the best of ...
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  • Hidden Tax on Divorcing Couples

    Everyone talks about reducing taxes. Congress, the legislature, elected officials, and the man on the street all talk about reducing taxes and government spending. The problem for divorcing couples is that each year the local courts that are supported by state taxes receive proportionately fewer dollars to handle more cases filed by a growing state population. The end result is that there are not ...
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  • Settle, Settle, Settle: Why Letting the Judge Decide Should Be A Last Resort

    There is only one real alternative to settling your divorce case: judicial intervention and decision. In other words, if you and your spouse cannot reach a settlement, a stranger will define the most significant financial transaction of your life… View the whole article… Settle, Settle, Settle Article originally published in Family Advocate, Vol. 34, No. 1, (Summer 2011) p. 38-39.
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