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  • Justice On The Fly

    The NCBA for many years has promoted better funding for the state’s judicial system and its efforts continue. Despite recognition of the problem by the Board of Governors, the funding for the N.C. courts has steadily declined while the demands on the system have steadily increased year after year. I have been practicing long enough to remember when family lawyers were amazed when they heard that ...
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  • Cary Attorney Appointed Chairman of Family Law Section

    Attorney Charles H. Montgomery has been appointed Chairman of the North Carolina Bar Association Family Law Section. Mr. Montgomery began his term as Chairman July 1, 2012. As the acting Chairman, Mr. Montgomery is responsible for appointing committee chairs, presiding over all Family Law Section meetings, and appointing officers to the Family Law Section Council. Prior to being appointed ...
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  • Family Lawyers Must Use The Tools Available To Them

    Like surgeons, we must choose carefully the tools and use them with care. Our tools are statutes, treaties, case law, rules of procedure, local rules, etc. Our expertise involves how we apply the law to the facts confronting our clients. So what do we do if the law as applied produces a bad result? Have you ever read a statute or a line of cases and said to yourself, “That law needs to be changed, ...
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  • How to Turn Your Case Into the Divorce From Hell

    Let’s face it, divorce is no fun. It is a painful, traumatic, terrible time in your life. If you really want to suffer, however, you can take steps, ratchet up the heat, and turn your divorce into the “Divorce From Hell.” View full article… Divorce From Hell This article was published in Family Advocate, Vol. 34, No. 1.
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