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  • Your Alimony Aptitude: What Type of Alimony Do You Need & How Will the Court See It?

    By Gregory Forman When considering alimony (sometimes referred to as maintenance), it is important to understand the four basic types of alimony. 1. Permanent periodic alimony : a fixed amount paid at fixed intervals (typically monthly). It does not end until the payor dies or the supported spouse remarries or dies, but it can be modified upon a showing of a change in circumstances. 2. ...
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  • Even During Divorce, That Tax Man Cometh. But You Do Have Filing Options?

    As you initiate your divorce action, annulment proceeding, or legal separation, your tax filing status does not automatically change. However, as your case proceeds through the legal process, you should consider a number of tax filing options and some rules governing taxable income and deductions. You are only considered “unmarried” for tax filing status if your final decree of divorce or legal ...
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