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  • Capturing Costs & Containing the Bill: Make Decisions That Will Help Keep Your Legal Expenses Manageable

    By Mark A. Chinn Most lawyers become lawyers because they like to help people. They care very much that their life’s work is viewed as a service to people and to the betterment of the community and nation. For that reason, many lawyers are somewhat embarrassed to bring up the subject of fees. But lawyers know that clients need to know the basis for the charges they are about to incur. So, if your ...
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  • Divorce in NC: The Process & Cost

    Going through a divorce can be a stressful and complicated experience. Regardless of the length of your marriage, a divorce judgment has numerous legal implications. Speaking with a North Carolina attorney when considering a divorce will help you understand the divorce process, the cost of divorce, the potential pitfalls, and the legal effect of obtaining a divorce. Every divorce is as unique as ...
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  • Are Retirement Accounts Considered Marital Assets in a NC Divorce?

    When going through a divorce in North Carolina, one of the most common questions people have is “what will happen to my retirement accounts?” Tangible items such as cars and personal belongings are typically easier to divide because what is “marital” or “separate” property typically depends on when that property was obtained. Retirement accounts, however, can be part marital and part separate, ...
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  • Alienation of Affection in NC

    What is Alienation of Affection? North Carolina is one of only a few states recognizing the tort of alienation of affection. Alienation of affection allows a spouse to sue a third party for wrongful acts that deprived them of the love and affection of their spouse. While this tort can sue any third party, including meddling in-laws, it is typically used to sue a spouse’s paramour (extramarital ...
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  • Do I Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

    You may have asked this question and decided against it, noting that you’re neither rich nor famous. Prenuptial agreements (or “prenups” as they are commonly called) can protect any assets you bring to a marriage or protect you from your spouse’s debts in the event of marital dissolution. In short, a prenuptial agreement can be a prudent and completely reasonable step to take for anyone bringing ...
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  • How To Share Parenting | A How To For Joint Custody

    There is only one real alternative to settling your divorce case: judicial intervention and decision. In other words, if you and your spouse cannot reach a settlement, a stranger will define the most significant financial transaction of your life…. View the whole article… How-to-Share-Parenting Article originally published in Family Advocate, Vol. 33, No. 1, (Summer 2010) p. 4-8.
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  • NC Alimony Laws: What Type of Alimony Do You Need & How Long Does it Last?

    By Gregory Forman The Different Types of Alimony in NC Does North Carolina have alimony? Yes, when considering alimony (sometimes referred to as maintenance), it is important to understand the four basic types of alimony. 1. Permanent periodic alimony : a fixed amount paid at fixed intervals (typically monthly). It does not end until the payor dies or the supported spouse remarries or dies, but it ...
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  • Is Common Law Marriage Recognized in North Carolina?

    What is Common Law Marriage in NC? Common law marriage is a term used for a marriage that is considered to exist by both partners’ consent but has not actually been performed or registered with a state or church. The marriage is implied simply by the fact that the couple lives together and presents themselves as having been married. In most states that allow for the formation of a common law ...
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