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  • Alienation of Affection in NC

    What is Alienation of Affection? North Carolina is one of only a few states recognizing the tort of alienation of affection. Alienation of affection allows a spouse to sue a third party for wrongful acts that deprived them of the love and affection of their spouse. While this tort can sue any third party, including meddling in-laws, it is typically used to sue a spouse’s paramour (extramarital ...
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  • Bill Signed by Governor Makes Significant Change to North Carolina Marital Law

    A new North Carolina law that blocks jilted spouses from suing third parties over lost love and affection in some situations is an important modernization of the marital statute, a Cary attorney says. “This is a progressive step that will protect third parties from becoming collateral damage in divorce litigation, just because they happen to start… View the entire press release.
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