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Lynn Montgomery

Lynn Montgomery is a N.C. Board Certified Specialist in Family Law, as certified by the North Carolina State Bar. Only 1% of lawyers statewide achieve this distinction in Family Law out of the more than 20,000 licensed lawyers in North Carolina. Lynn focuses her practice on adoption, child custody, child support, division of marital property, and all aspects of separation and divorce, as well as wills and testamentary trusts. Lynn has focused her practice on family law since 2006.

The personal and professional journey that led Lynn to become a lawyer and a Family Law Specialist has equipped her with an extra depth of skill and poise in handling the challenges of family law. Lynn grew up in Zelienople, PA, a small town in Western Pennsylvania (pop. 4,000). As the youngest of six children, Lynn learned family dynamics firsthand and on the fly. She often found herself fighting for “fairness” with her older siblings; negotiation became second nature to her. Lynn left her small town of Zelienople to attend college in the big city at the University of Pittsburgh where she excelled, graduating magna cum laude in 1991.

Lynn has always loved working with people. This first led her to become a teacher. After college, Lynn earned her Secondary Education Certification from Geneva College and embarked on a career in education. Lynn spent six years teaching various subjects, including high school English, Theatre Arts, English as a Second Language, Adult Literacy, and Adult Education. Lynn’s experience and talents as an educator have been great assets to her as a family law attorney, as she guides her clients through what can often be a complex and emotional process.

Lynn began her legal career at a law firm in Raleigh where she worked as Office Manager for six years. During her first two years engrossed in managing a busy law office, Lynn was inspired to become an attorney herself. Anyone who knows Lynn will tell you she has incredible tenacity. Having persevered through her own divorce and now single, undaunted, she embarked on her next challenge. Lynn applied to law school at the North Carolina Central University School of Law evening program. Attending this selective law program at night with other working professionals – and studying later into the night – Lynn continued also working full time as Office Manager at her busy law firm. Even with a demanding daytime job, Lynn excelled in law school. She was Senior Editor of the North Carolina Central Law Journal and recipient of the Daniel G. Sampson Award for Scholarship. Lynn graduated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honor) from law school as Salutatorian of the North Carolina Central School of Law class of 2006 (and Valedictorian of the competitive evening program).

After passing the N.C. Bar Examination, Lynn chaired the civil litigation section at Kurtz & Blum in Raleigh for over eight years, focusing on family law and wills, as well as handling certain worker’s compensation and personal injury matters. Knowing firsthand how much of a difference it makes when facing divorce to have a skilled and compassionate lawyer, Lynn found her niche in family law. In 2008, Lynn was recognized as a Top 12 of the Triangle’s Finest for Divorce & Family Law in the Independent Weekly.

Lynn is a strong advocate of adoption, having handled numerous step-parent and private placement adoptions. For her, each family holds a special place in her heart. Lynn volunteers her time and professional talents serving on the North Carolina Bar Association Adoption Committee. This Committee advocates for adoption and helps improve adoption law by recommending changes to the North Carolina legislature.

In 2014, Lynn was first certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a Specialist in Family Law. She was again recertified as a Family Law Specialist in 2020. To first earn this certification, a lawyer must have been in practice for at least five years, devote at least 600 hours per year to Family Law matters over the five years prior to certification, attend continuing legal education seminars in Family Law (at least 45 hours over the three years prior to certification), be favorably peer reviewed by at least five other lawyers and judges with significant experience in Family Law, and pass a rigorous written examination in the Family Law practice area. In order to become recertified as a Family Law Specialist every five years, an attorney must continue to devote an average 600 hours per year to Family Law cases, attend at least 60 hours of continuing legal education seminars, and be favorably reviewed by at least six other lawyers and judges with significant experience in Family Law within each five year period.

In addition to Lynn’s certification as a Family Law Specialist, she is also a NC Dispute Resolution Commission Certified Family Financial Mediator and a Certified Superior Court Mediator.

Lynn joined Montgomery Family Law in July of 2015, shortly after officially joining the Montgomery Family in May 2015 when she and Scott Montgomery married. Lynn and Scott are two divorce lawyers who still believe in love, marriage, and finding happiness in life. They are the proud parents of two boys. In their free time—when they’re not arguing points of law with each other—Lynn and Scott enjoy spending time with their children, walking their dogs (Puck, Yogi, and Juno) and boating on Jordan Lake. On the weekends, Lynn can often be found hard at work on a home improvement project, such as building a mantelpiece, refinishing furniture, or painting whimsical animals on the walls of her children’s rooms.

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