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Divorce Mediation in North Carolina

Divorce mediation is a meeting between the parties involved in a divorce and a third party mediator trained in dispute resolution. The goal is to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on as many issues as possible and to write a memorandum outlining the terms of the agreement. Divorce mediation is consensual -- you are not told by the mediator what the decision should be.

Divorce mediation is advantageous in many cases because:

  • It is not adversarial.
  • It is less expensive than extended court proceedings.
  • It is faster than multiple court hearings.
  • You have more input into the terms of any agreement reached rather than having a judge decide the issues for you.

For divorce mediation to be fully successful the parties must be open to settlement. They need to try to find middle ground which involves compromise by both parties. In preparation for divorce mediation you should think carefully about what is most important to you and be prepared to explain why.

We have an attorney trained as a Certified Superior Court Mediator. An attorney cannot be both an impartial North Carolina divorce mediator and your personal attorney. If you want us to serve as a NC divorce mediator, you must advise our office before any consultation to discuss your case. Otherwise, we would have a conflict of interest and could not mediate between you and your spouse.

As divorce attorneys, we can go to a mediation conference with you to advise you of the legal consequences of different issues discussed before you commit to a binding settlement agreement. This is possible in all cases except court ordered custody and visitation mediation in certain counties of the state. In these counties the parties meet together alone with a court appointed mediator paid by the state.

Divorce mediation is increasingly popular in family law matters. It is successful if both parties will seriously try to reach an agreement. However, one non-cooperative party can make mediation impossible. We encourage you to explore this alternative method of dispute resolution with us if you believe it can work in your case. We can help in the selection of a NC divorce mediator with experience in cases similar to yours.

If you are in need of divorce mediation in North Carolina, please contact us today.